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Our Services

  • Fishes

    We Provide you variety of beautiful and colored fishes for your aquarium.

  • Aquariums

    We provide all sizes of well equipped beautiful aquariums with tank cleaning service at the doorstep.

  • Clay Toys

    We have different shapes of clay toys for the decoration of your beautiful aquariums.

  • Color stones & Sands

    We give you all sizes of colored stones and sand for the decoration of your aquarium.

  • Puppies

    We provide different types of cute puppies such as Labrador, Dalmatian Pariah etc.

  • Pet Foods

    We have foods for the aquarium fishes and also for the pet puppies.

  • Chlorine & Anti Ich

    We have chlorine for water and anti-Ich medicines for the fishes and the puppies

  • ElectroMagnetic Glass Cleaner

    You can get electromagnetic glass cleaner to easily clean the aquariums.


We provide you all types of fishes,puppies and well equipped aquariums.


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